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Fit for duty.
fit for life.


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What is FFR Online?

FFR Online is a community built only for first responders with the tools you need to be Fit For Duty, Fit For Life.


Daily workouts specifically for first responders for ALL fitness levels.


Daily mental
conditioning to be your BEST on and off the job.


Daily habits on how to eat to perform and look your best.


The ONLY online community for first responders.

What do I get with
my Membership?

  • Daily Workouts
  • Daily Nutrition Coaching
  • Daily Mental Conditioning
  • Online Community
  • Also including a Chance to
    WIN a brand new truck
    and much more…

“I am honored to serve those that risk their lives every day to keep our city streets safe by helping them win in their fitness, nutrition, and creating the winning mindset so they can be fit for duty and fit for life.”
Coach JC

Who is FFR For?

FFR was created to unify police officers, firefighters, EMSA medics, and National Guard to work as a team.

First Responders

Agencies Represented

Pounds Lost

Real First Responders…
Real Results.Testimonials


Liz E.

Police Officer

35.3 Lbs. Lost

14.7 % Lost

37.3 Body Fat Mass Lost

32.25 Inches LOST

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“The results I’ve experienced are nothing short of tremendous and exciting. I have lost 12 inches from my hips, 11 inches from my waist, 5 inches from my chest and 37 pounds. Working with other first responders, we were a team not only in Fit First Responders but we were a team in supporting and protecting our communities. I no longer suffer from high blood pressure, I no longer have acid reflux, all my medications are a thing of the past. I find myself a lot more confident when I go into my job. I did not have that confidence before this program.”

Alex P.

Police Officer

33.8 Lbs. Lost

13.1 % Lost

29.9 Body Fat Mass Lost

15.25 Inches LOST

Watch Testimonial Video

“You can go to a gym anywhere, you can sweat and get a workout anywhere. This program is more than that, it’s a physical challenge, and it’s a mental and spiritual challenge. It’s a relationship challenge. It challenges you in every aspect of your life, not just physically. And being physically fit, fits directly into law enforcement. You have to be fit to be able to carry out your duties, you have to keep going, and you have to be the best you’ve ever been at each minute. I’ve lost 33 pounds 7 inches in my waist 6 inches in my hips. It’s changed our lives. Everywhere needs this program. Start this program and every aspect of your life will improve.”

become a fit first responder today

$20 A Month. Your first 20 days are free.

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Fit First Responders is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

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become a fit first responder today

$20 A Month. Your first 20 days are free.

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