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Fit for duty.
fit for life.



At FFR online we created a community to help each other WIN in life. Iron sharpens iron. You can have anything you want in life when you are surrounded with the right people in the right environment. Starting today, choose to be the best team player you can be and make those on your team their best. Starting today, welcome accountability in your life to make you the best you can be in life. To be FIT FOR DUTY, FIT FOR LIFE it takes teamwork within the family and that is what this forum was created for. For you to connect with your team, first responders all around the Nation so together we can be FIT FOR DUTY. FIT FOR LIFE.

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    • Freshness
    • FAMILY

      This forum is utilized for any and all topics discussing the family pillar of FFR. Use this to build up the other FFR members and connect with the other members and agencies.

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      This forum is utilized for posts about you daily training and workouts. Here is where we encourage you to ask any and all questions you have about exercise, training blocks, fitness levels, etc...

      Here is also where we would like for your discuss the workouts each day and hold each other accountable by posting times and reps and sets and PR's(personal records) set that day.

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    • FOCUS

      This forum is used to discuss training your mindset. Just like you train your body you train your mind. Here we will discuss your themes each week and how to implement the winning mindset so that you can win and ultimately be FIT FOR DUTY. FIT FOR LIFE.

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       Christina Walker

    • FOOD

      This forum is utilized for any and all posts about your nutrition and how to WIN. Here is where you discuss the 10 habits, food log, compliance and being accountable so that you can win in your eating.

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